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Dovvnload Free Pixo, Pixo 2.1 Dovvnload


Pixo is a simple application which makes applying special effects to photos really easy. It is very intuitive and quite simple to use. Possibilities are endless with over 40 different effects to creatively apply to any of your images. Instead of the traditional time dated methods of applying special effects to a whole image or selecting certain image areas; Pixo uses the painting metaphor to simply achieve this effortless task. The obvious advantage is that the user can freely apply the effect anywhere on the image. No technical knowledge is necessary as it behaves just like any Paint application. Simple! With 47 special effects, you are sure to find many for any of your photos. All of the favourite ones, like Sepia and Grayscale, as well as some really cool ones are here! You can even change the brightness and contrast of your photos with Pixo.Unlike many other applications, Pixo uses a Paintbrush metaphor to applythe effects. This is particularly useful since there is no need for any technical or specialist knowledge such as image selection or Lasso tool. Furthermore, you have the Freedom to apply the effects anywhere on the photo images!So what do you do once you have created your very own masterpiece? Pixo enables you to print or email your work directly from the application with a click of a button! As well as all the popular image formats, such as BMP, JPEG, PNG and many more, you can export your created images as PDF files. you can free dovvnload Pixo 2.1 now.

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